Financial Modeling Process

Our goal is to learn as much as we can about your business so we can create a custom solution for your business.  We will work with your team to understand their KPIs, understand their challenges and what their goals are.  We work to synthesize all of this information and data to create a rock-solid foundation.

Once we have all of our data, understand all of the organization's goals and know where the company is going we take it all back and work to create a custom financial and economic model that will allow the company to project out future scenarios, understand their constraints and understand their future revenues

Once completed we work with our clients to tailor the inputs to ensure that it properly represents their business.  We can then work on scenario analysis to help you consider the macro and micro variables of the business.  The output is a robust financial model with simple variables that can drive pro-formas and other projections

Custom Solutions for your Business

Every company is different, and we tailor our services to fit your needs.

End-to-End Approach

With skills and experience in Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Product Management, Project Management and Startups, we are able to take an end-to-end look at your business.

We partner with you

Our approach is one of inclusivity, and we engage all stakeholders in the process.  We know that a business is a team, and we try and work with everyone to create the best solutions.

The Language of Business

We believe that the language of business is numbers.  We are able to look at your financials and break them down to see where your KPIs, risks and opportunties are

Flexible Forecasting

With all of our analysis we are able to rebuild a financial model that is custom to your business, built for your KPIs and adjustable by your business leaders for scenario and growth analysis.  

Our Clients

Some of our clients and selected projects

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